Sentence Examples with the word solely

When we only understand the new technology in terms of the old, how we use the new technology is also solely an extension of how we used the old technology.

In order to understand the organization of the various constituent parts of the Roman Curia, we must remember that the modern principle of the separation of powers is unknown to the Church; the functions of each department are limited solely by the extent of the powers delegated to it and the nature of the business entrusted to it; but each of them may have a share at the same time in the legislative, judicial and administrative power.

We notice that they may be differentiated as follows: (r) is built up solely of methyl and CH 2.

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Four years respite, and these had been occupied in violent intrigues between the constable de Richemont i and the sire de la Trmoille, the young kings favorites, and solely desirous of enriching themselves at his expense.

Generaly this is a timid animal, feeding almost solely on fruits, and lying dormant during winter.

Considered solely as French documents, lettres de cachet may be defined as letters signed by the king of France, countersigned by one of his ministers, and closed with the royal seal (cachet) .

Haeckel established the subclass Saururae, containing solely Archaeopteryx, in opposition to the Ornithurae, comprising all the other birds.

By a decree of the 17th of January 1800 the consulate reduced the number of Parisian journals to thirteen, of which the Decade was one; all the others, with the exception of those dealing solely with science, art, commerce and advertisements, were suppressed.

Steering now south-eastward by Ahab's levelled steel, and her progress solely determined by Ahab's level log and line; the Pequod held on her path towards the Equator.

The keynote of this tendency had been struck by Hobbes, in whose philosophy man was regarded as a mere selfish sensitive machine, moved solely by pleasures and pains.