Sentence Examples with the word solace

It is with tears in my eyes that I pen this note, my only solace that I will shortly be one in heaven with this woman I loved more than life itself.

Not so the sailor, beholding the scenery of the Antarctic seas; where at times, by some infernal trick of legerdemain in the powers of frost and air, he, shivering and half shipwrecked, instead of rainbows speaking hope and solace to his misery, views what seems a boundless churchyard grinning upon him with its lean ice monuments and splintered crosses.

The whales might have made one of their regular soundings, not a temporary dive from mere fright; and if that were the case, Stubb, as his wont in such cases, it seems, was resolved to solace the languishing interval with his pipe.

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Deidre took some solace from the fact he didn't laugh or throw her out.

Polyphemus is depicted 'as in love with the sea-nymph Galatea and finding solace in song: in vi.

His chronicle, The Story of Inglande, was also written for the solace and amusement of the unlearned when they sit together in fellowship (ii.

The only modicum of solace she felt came from Fred O'Connor's jailhouse assurances that Martha was not in harm's way.

With any luck, she would be out of Arkansas before another storm struck - a storm without Justin to solace her.

He shortly afterwards divorced Publilia, who had been jealous of Tullia's influence and proved unsympathetic. To solace his troubles he devoted himself wholly to literature.

David Dean took a certain amount of solace in the fact that the election was close, though he questioned her ability to handle the position.