Sentence Examples with the word soissons

It is PP g certain that in 864 Rothad of Soissons took with him to Rome, if not the collection, at least important extracts from the pseudo-Isidore; M.

In the oldest register of Philip Augustus counts are reckoned with dukes in the first of the five orders into which the nobles are divided, but the list includes, besides such almost sovereign rulers as the counts of Flanders and Champagne, immediate vassals of much less importance - such as the counts of Soissons and Dammartin - and even one mediate vassal, the count of Bar-sur-Seine.

He zealously combated the Tritheism of Roscellinus, but his own views on the Trinity were condemned by two councils (at Soissons 3' y (in 1 121 and at Sens in 1140).

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Enguerrand VII., sire de Coucy, count of Soissons and Marle, and chief butler of France, was sent as a hostage to England, where he married Isabel, the eldest daughter of King Edward III.

The comte de Soissons died almost immediately, and was succeeded in the office by Henri de Bourbon, prince de Conde, and he, like his predecessors and successors, retained Champlain as lieutenantgovernor.

In 718 he appears as the ally of Chilperic II., king of Neustria, who was fighting against the Austrasian mayor of the palace, Charles Martel; but after the defeat of Chilperic at Soissons in 719 he probably made peace with Charles by surrendering to him the Neustrian king and his treasures.

Two cadet branches of the house of Conde played an important part: those of Soissons and Conti.

They gave up their property and travelled to Soissons (Noviodunum, Augusta Suessionum), where they supported themselves by shoemaking and made many converts to Christianity.

Aisne is divided into five arrondissements - St Quentin and Vervins in the north, Laon in the centre, and Soissons and CIA, teau-Thierry in the south - and contains 37 cantons and 841 communes.

At the instance of Pippin, Boniface secured Adalbert's condemnation at the synod of Soissons in 744; but he, and Clement, a Scottish missionary and a heretic on predestination, continued to find followers in spite of legate, council and pope, for three or four years more.