Sentence Examples with the word soften

Grotius hoped that his fame would soften the hostility of his foes, and that his country would recall him to her service.

Breaks up by slow cooling is much harder, so that the same process of heating and chilling which hardens steel will soften this bronze.

If the water is too cold the gum does not soften enough and the cocoons rise out of the basin in reeling; if it is too hot the cocoons collapse and fall to the bottom.

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Maybe fucking you 'til you scream will soften you up a bit.

In Rhizopus certain hyphae creep horizontally on the surface of the substratum, and then anchor their tips to it by means of a tuft of short branches (appressorium), the walls of which soften and gum themselves to it, then another branch shoots out from the tuft and repeats the process, like a strawberry-runner.

Geiger (Urschrift and Uebersetzung, p. 305) very unnecessarily supposed that this was everywhere the original reading, and that it had been changed to soften the enormity ascribed to the ancient Hebrews.

A frequent combination was flute, violin and harpsichord (very probably with a violoncello doubling the bass), and in more than one case the violin was partly tuned lower to soften its tone.

This mysterious Western, offshoot of Gnosticism had no single feature about it which could soften the hostility of a character such as Martin's, but he resisted the introduction of secular punishment for evil doctrine, and withdrew from communion with those bishops in Gaul, a large majority, who invoked the aid of Maximus against their erring brethren.

Round this core threads of glass were wound of various colors; the whole could be reset in the furnace to soften it for nsoulding the foGt or neck, or attaching handles, or dragging the surface into various patterns.

She struck first, not bothering to soften her blows as she might with anyone else.