Sentence Examples with the word social work

Beneficent social work out of the more usual type is directed by the music and bath departments of the city government.

The social work of the Church was transferred to others, and little by little the deacons sank in importance until at last they came to be regarded merely as subordinate officers of public worship, a position which they hold in the Roman Church to-day, where their duties are confined to such acts as the following: - censing the officiating priest and the choir, laying the corporal on the altar, handing the paten or cup to the priest, receiving from him the pyx and giving it to the subdeacon, putting the mitre on the archbishop's head (when he is present) and laying his pall upon the altar.

Miss Cons, whose social work in Lambeth had made her well acquainted with the difficulties of providing decent amusement at a cheap rate for the people of the neighbourhood, obtained an interest in the building about 1880.

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It considers questions of policy, and some of its sittings are conferences for the consideration of reports on religious, philanthropic, educational and social work which is carried on.

New ways of working for social work sounds ominous.