Sentence Examples with the word sob

A sob caught in her throat, escaping in a strangled cry.

She choked back a sob and saw the glint of starlight off a knife on the ground.

He climbed halfway up before he heard what sounded like a sob from behind him.

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The car came to a stop as a long agonizing sob erupted from her lungs.

She had the urge to crawl into bed and sob or at least, never leave again.

Carmen shifted Natalie to one hip and gulped a sob as she tried to divert the flow of tears so that she could see.

A sob tore at her throat, and she slung the clothes at him.

A strangled sob escaped her lungs.

She fell to her knees, still holding her ears, and a sob forced its way through her constricted throat.

She wanted to curl up in a ball and sob until she fell asleep, relieved and ecstatic to be with him again.