Sentence Examples with the word soaking

Special wound-cork is also often formed round accidental injuries so as to prevent the rotting of the tissues by the soaking in of rain and the entrance of fungal spores and bacteria.

Of these two will be shown here, the Gjers soaking pit for steel ingots, and the Eckman or continuous furnace, as modified by C. H.

She shied away from her reflection, from the paleness of her skin and the stark red of her blood soaking the cream sweater.

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Her clothes were soaking wet and her backside was numb with cold.

The cut cells die, and oxidized products are concerned in the change of color, the brown juices exuding and soaking into the cell-walls.

Since the first advent of white colonists many springs and pans and small streams have dried up, this desiccation being attributed, not so much to decreased rainfall, as to the burning off of the grass every winter, so that the water, instead of soaking in, runs off the hard, baked'ground into the larger rivers.

Lana rushed to him, horrified by the amount of blood soaking his uniform.

The poison is extracted by soaking the bruised or grated roots in water, after which the coarse flour is roasted.

Yet the use of an open-hearth furnace of very great capacity, say of 200 tons per charge, has the disadvantage that such very large lots of steel, delivered at relatively long intervals, are less readily managed in the subsequent operations of soaking and rolling down to the final shape, than smaller lots delivered at shorter intervals.

When the ingots had so far solidified that they could be handled, the moulds were removed and set on the floor to cool, the ingots were set on a car and carried to the soaking furnace, and the moulds were then replaced in the casting pit.