Sentence Examples with the word soaked

Fat raindrops soaked his clothing and left him chilled.

Snow crunched under her feet and quickly soaked her flimsy slippers.

This difficulty was overcome by first filling the cylinder with porous briquettes and then soaking them with a fixed percentage of acetone, so that after allowing for the space taken up by the bricks the quantity of acetone soaked into the brick will absorb ten times the normal volume of the cylinder in acetylene for every atmosphere of pressure to which the gas is subjected, whilst all danger of explosion is eliminated.

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It was soaked through and dried with blood and his exposed skin was tinted red.

The cables are wrapped in cotton duck soaked in oxidized oil and varnish, and are sheathed in sheet iron.

The following are organic manures: Farm-yard manure consists of the mixed dung of horses and cattle thrown together, and more or less soaked with liquid drainings of the stable or byre.

She was soon soaked by a light drizzle and stretched to keep her stiffening muscles warm.

In Malwa a flat scraper is employed, a small piece of cotton soaked in linseed oil being attached to the upper part of the blade, and used for smearing the thumb and edge of the scraper to prevent adhesion of the juice; sometimes water is used instead of oil, but both practices injure the quality of the product.

Suppose, for instance, the paper ribbon to be soaked in a solution of iodide of potassium and a light contact spring made to press continuously on its surface as it is pulled forward by the mechanism.

At the dressing stations the grass and earth were soaked with blood for a space of some three acres around.