Sentence Examples with the word so-called

Two types of budding must be distinguished - the direct, so-called palingenetic type, and the indirect, so-called coenogenetic type.

There are several varieties of grouse, the largest of which is the grouse of British Columbia and the pennated grouse and the prairie chicken of Manitoba and the plains, besides the so-called partridge and willow partridge, both of which are grouse.

The high land north of the headwaters of the Mino forms the sole connecting link between the Cantabrians properly so-called and the mountains of central and western Galicia.

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Thus so-called coloured-gold deposits may be produced by the judicious introduction of suitable impurities.

It was his business to preside three times a year over the chief law-court, the so-called echte or ungebotene Ding, under the cognizance of which fell all cases relating to real property, personal freedom, bloodshed and robbery.

The Bryophyta and Pteridophyta have sprung from the higher Thallophyta, and together form the larger group Archegoniatae, so-called from the form of the organ (archegonium) in which the egg-cell is developed.

Below it are covered promenades, and from it steps descend to the lower town, the oldest part of which (the so-called Marina), sloping gradually towards the sea, is probably the nucleus of the Roman municipium, while the quarter of Stampace lies to the west, and beyond it again the suburb of Sant' Avendrace.

On the west are the so-called Bohemian-Moravian Mountains, forming the elevated east margin of Bohemia.

On the other hand, the so-called groundwork has no existence unless in the minds of earlier critics and some of their belated followers in the present.

In the so-called Montanistic controversy (c. 160-220) one of the principal issues involved was the continuance of the chiliastic expectations in the churches.