Sentence Examples with the word so long

A controversy not amenable to ordinarydiplomatic methodsarose between Great Britain, France and Germany on the one hand and Japan on the other hand as to the legality of a house tax imposed by Japan on certain subjects of those so long as France chose to renew it, but that after that date such authorization was improper unless the guarantees could establish that they had been treated by France as her proteges within the meaning of that term as explained in a treaty of 1863 between France and Morocco.

The old party of the Right was, however, also broken up; side by side with forty-one Clericals there were twenty-eight Christian Socialists led by Dr Lueger, a man of great oratorical power, who had won a predominant influence in Vienna, so long the centre of Liberalism, and had quite eclipsed the more modest efforts of Prince Liechtenstein.

Thereupon William Jennings Bryan, who had looked with favour upon Clark, declared that he would not support him so long as he was backed by Tammany, threw his influence on the side of Woodrow Wilson and secured his nomination.

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She found herself breathing him in, aching for him to touch her as he had not so long ago.

While they are quite capable of taking up nitrates from the soil where and so long as these are present, they can grow and thrive in soil which contains no combined nitrogen at all, deriving their supplies of this element in these cases from the air.

For the next four years he led a vagabond life, but in 1698, after vainly petitioning the new king, Charles XII., for pardon, he entered the service of Augustus the Strong of Saxony and Poland, with the deliberate intention of wresting from Sweden Livonia, to which he had now no hope of returning so long as that province belonged to the Swedish Crown.

In 1866 his life became clouded by the circumstances which led him to abandon the institution so long the scene of his labours.

The enmity of the British government to Charles Edward made peace with France an impossibility so long as she continued to harbour the young prince.

But external aid was useless so long as Poland was hampered by her anarchical constitution.

This excellent man, whose name and memory will ever be treasured so long as the Welsh tongue survives, began a system of catechizing in the vernacular amongst the children and adults of his own parish.