Sentence Examples with the word snowfall

Above sea-level, being lower on the Pacific side where the heaviest snowfall comes in winter than on the drier north-eastern side.

She stood before the panoramic window of his lair, gazing at snowfall so thick, it hid the nearby mountains from sight.

In the district on the east of the main island the snowfall is insignificant, seldom attaining a depth of more than four or five inches and generally melting in a few days, while bright, sunny skies are usual.

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Gockel states (l.c. p. 74) that during snowfall the sign is positive or ne g ative according as the flakes are large or are small and powdery.

The copious snowfall protects vegetation, supplies moisture, and contributes nitrogen to the soil.

The crowds were lighter than yesterday, due to the heavy snowfall making not only climbing difficult, but viewing a wet and laborious task.

Mountain winters were always a surprise to lowlanders and easterners, where the chemistry of moisture played games that produced slush and wet snow, not the sparkling crystals so soft a broom could clear a foot-deep snowfall with a few swishes.

Morning dawned on about three inches of snowfall and it was still coming down.

In the northern section the heavy snowfall is caused by the cyclonic storms along the Canadian border, and in the southern section the snowfall is increased by the storms which ascend the Mississippi Valley.

The Selkirk Mountains have a heavy rainfall and a tremendous snowfall on their western flanks, but very much less precipitation on their eastern side.