Sentence Examples with the word sneer

In Job, which is probably the earliest of the philosophical books, the question whether God is just is not definitely answered: the prologue affirms that the sufferings of good men, suggested by the sneer of Satan, are intended to demonstrate the reality of human goodness; elsewhere (v.

When she saw he wasn't about to strike her, she whirled back toward him, a sneer on her face as she exposed herself to him.

He forgot that though it is safe to lash the dunces, he could not with equal impunity sneer at those who, though they might not have the ear of the public as he had, could yet contradict and call names.

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Whether the form fefaked was ever good Latin in Rome may be doubted, for the Romans, in spite of the few miles that separate Praeneste from Rome, were inclined to sneer at the pronunciation and idiom of the Praenestines (cf.

Alfred turned, a smile on his face but a sneer in his voice.

The Black God had failed to elicit anything other than a sneer with every one of his approaches.