Sentence Examples with the word snatch

At some point, he'd have to snatch Yully and Charles and drag them down to the immortal world and hope they had a chance to Travel before being blasted to pieces.

It.ll be hard to get my brother alone outside the castle where Darkyn can snatch him.

If Lancaster should justify the malevolent rumours that were afloat by making a snatch at the crown, the last state of the realm might be worse than the first.

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For their sake, Xander subdued the lethal instinct that made him want to snatch Jessi, haul her away somewhere quiet and do whatever it took to pull the truth from her.

Stopping these bastards who snatch children is almost as important as saving them.

They'd have to hide forever and hope he never had the chance to snatch her cousins.

No personal wrongs, but the deliberate determination of a strong-minded, capable woman to snatch the reins of government from the hands of a semi-imbecile, was the cause of Peter's overthrow, and his stupendous blunders supplied Catherine with her opportunity.

Czerno had left Bianca, giving Darian the opportunity he needed to snatch her and run.

The dagger jammed it open, and the guardsman reached up to snatch it.

They are mostly young, of stalwart frames; fellows who have felled forests, and now seek to drop the axe and snatch the whale-lance.