Sentence Examples with the word smashed

Brady smashed his elbow into the man's face and whipped him around, slashing his neck with the knife.

Just as suddenly, the earth began to buck hard enough that trees creaked and smashed into the ground.

The Magician smashed her heel into his instep.

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On the 9th of November, while proceeding to the Guildhall, he narrowly escaped falling into the hands of the populace, who smashed his coach, and he was treated with studied coldness at the banquet.

The rocket smashed into the floor below, shattering glass and pulverizing part of the balcony.

On the 2Qth of October the king, on his way to open parliament, was attacked by an angry mob shouting, Give us bread, No Pitt, No war, No famine,; and the glass panels of his state coach were smashed to pieces.

When the officers had emptied and smashed their glasses, Kirsten filled others and, in shirt sleeves and breeches, went glass in hand to the soldiers' bonfires and with his long gray mustache, his white chest showing under his open shirt, he stood in a majestic pose in the light of the campfire, waving his uplifted arm.

A dozen of them smashed together and tumbled to the ground, and seeing his success Jim kicked again and again, charging into the vegetable crowd, knocking them in all directions and sending the others scattering to escape his iron heels.

He scattered the burning tobacco, smashed the pipe, and threw it away.

He had risked his own life to protect her from the wild dogs, and chased the man who smashed her windshield.