Sentence Examples with the word small town

From one of them hangs a legend which relates that they were an offering to a church, which has been identified with much probability as that of Sorbas, a small town in the province of Almeria.

In Roman times a small town called Icosium existed on what is now the marine quarter of the city.

Marion Anderson, his lieutenant's wife, had offered use of her recently acquired place in Ouray, Colorado, a small town just two hours to the north, but Dean had declined.

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The considerable village of Grasmere lies beautifully at the head of the lake of that name; and above Esthwaite is the small town of Hawkshead, with an ancient church, and picturesque houses curiously built on the hill-slope and sometimes spanning the streets.

In a large city, where several inter - connected exchanges have to be built and thousands of subscribers are put into communication with each other, the service is at once more costly and more valuable than in a small town with a few hundred subscribers accommodated in one exchange.

BLARNEY, a small town of Co.

Kir-sheher represents the ancient Mocissus, a small town which became important in the Byzantine period: it was enlarged by the emperor Justinian, who re-named it Justinianopolis, and made it the capital of a large division of Cappadocia, a position it still retains.

CHEDDAR, a small town in the Wells parliamentary division of Somersetshire, England, 22 m.

This range runs in a north-north-east direction and separates the valleys of the Magdalena and Cauca, terminating in some low hills south-west of El Banco, a small town on the lower Magdalena.

Winston was most personable and seemed genuinely interested in the small town and surrounding countryside.