Sentence Examples with the word slung

Ashley slung her backpack on a chair.

In diameter, the body carrying one barrel, while another is slung beneath the axle.

Bordeaux slung a long leg around his saddle horn and tucked the glasses into his saddlebag.

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The Rumanian women retain their native costume, and are further distinguished by the wooden cradles, slung over the shoulders, in which they carry their infants; the Servian mothers prefer a canvas bag.

She ripped the flower from her hair and slung it in the dust.

The wheels, called naoura, are of the most primitive construction, made of rough branches of trees, with palm leaf paddles, rude clay vessels being slung on the outer edge to catch the water, of which they raise a prodigious amount, only a comparatively small part of which, however, is poured into the aqueducts on top of the dams. These latter are exceedingly picturesque, often consisting of a series of well-built Gothic arches, and give a peculiar character to the scenery; but they are also great impediments to navigation.

She deserved more from her Guardian than to be slung over the couch for a quickie.

The whole is anteriorly somewhat loosely slung to the skin, so as to allow free play when the animal is extending or retracting its introvert.

She was hauled off the ground and slung over someone's shoulder.

His overcoat was slung over one arm, and he wore a wool suit over a dark turtleneck.