Sentence Examples with the word sluggishly

Below them a creek wound sluggishly through a narrow valley.

On the second day, numbers of Right Whales were seen, who, secure from the attack of a Sperm Whaler like the Pequod, with open jaws sluggishly swam through the brit, which, adhering to the fringing fibres of that wondrous Venetian blind in their mouths, was in that manner separated from the water that escaped at the lip.

Davis rolled sluggishly with the sway of his mule, staring disinterestedly at the mule in front of him.

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Only in a dream, she thought sluggishly and reached out to touch his cheek.

At length, on some louder noise or my nearer approach, he would grow uneasy and sluggishly turn about on his perch, as if impatient at having his dreams disturbed; and when he launched himself off and flapped through the pines, spreading his wings to unexpected breadth, I could not hear the slightest sound from them.