Sentence Examples with the word slowest

Aeolotachically; and this aeolotachic contraction is very likely to concentrate severe stress on the slowest cooling parts at the time when they are passing from the molten to the solid state, when the steel is mushy, with neither the fluidity of a liquid nor the strength and ductility of a solid, and thus to tear it apart.

With similar bevel-gear and rods the tangent screw is connected to the hand-wheel, 79, by which the observer communicates the fourth or slowest motion in position angle.

The slowest speed is given by means of a tangent screw which is carried by a ball-bearing on the flange of the telescope sleeve, whilst its nut is double-jointed to a ring that encircles the flange of the heliometer-tube.

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The pursuit of the French was ineffective, for Tourville persisted in keeping his ships in line of battle, which forced them to regulate their speed by the slowest among them.

For all that, Auckland and Wellington are the most populous of the -larger districts, while Nelson, Westland and Marlborough have for a long time shown the slowest increase.

They mature slowest of all Immortals, but when they hit certain points in angel years, they jump to the next human stage of maturity, Helga said.

Then, by an obvious law of kinematics, the angular motion round the earth would be most rapid at the point nearest the earth, that is at perigee, and slowest at the point most distant from the earth, that is at apogee.