Sentence Examples with the word slow motion

The eye end presents an refractor appearance too complicated to be figured here; it has a micrometer and its illumination for the position circle, a micrometer head, and a bright or dark field, clamps in right ascension and declination and quick and slow motion in the same, a finder, microscopes for reading the hour and declination circles, an illuminated dial showing sidereal time and driven by an electric current from the sidereal clock, and counter weights which can be removed when a spectroscope or other heavy appliance is added.

C and d are telescopes for reading the position circle p, e the handle for quick motion in position angle, f the slow motion in position angle, g the handle for changing the separation of the segments by acting on the bevel-wheel g' (fig.

C is the clamp and M the slow motion in position angle.

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Position-angle by the screw K and slow motion in position-angle is given by the screw p. The small drum-head T opposite the micrometer head S turns a screw which acts upon a short cylinder that cannot turn but can move only in the direction of the axis of the micrometer screw.

The long arm f serves to clamp the telescope in zenith distance and to communicate slow motion in zenith distance when so clamped.

The world appeared in slow motion around her, the demon's magic making her move with speed she never imagined possible.

K is the clamp in position angle, P the slow motion screw in position-angle; pp is the position circle, R, R its two readers.

The declination circle reads from the eye-end, and four handles for clamping and slow motion in right ascension and declination are situated near the observer's hands.

The slow motion world around them snapped into real time, throwing them against a wall.

The tube V, on the contrary, is attached to the cradle, and merely forms a support for the finder Q, the handles at f and p, and the moving ring P. The latter gives quick motion in position angle; the handles at p clamp and give slow motion in position angle, those at f clamp and give slow motion in right ascension and declination.