Sentence Examples with the word sliver

She didn't know if she'd hurt him enough to drive him away forever or if there was a sliver of him that still wanted her.

In this operation there is no doubling of the slivers, but each sliver passes separately through the machine, from the can to the spindle, is drawn out to about eight times its length, and receives a small amount of twist to strengthen it, in order that it may be successfully wound upon the roving bobbin by the flyer.

He grabbed the hen by the wing and headed for a sliver of light shining through the coop door.

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A sliver of light under Cade's door suggested he was already awake.

While America was just a sliver of land on the Eastern Seaboard, these founders foresaw a time when it would fill up the entire continent.

After passing the last pair of workers and strippers the fibre is carried forward towards the doffing roller, the pins of which are back-set, and the fibre is removed from the cylinder by the doffer, from which it passes between the drawing and pressing rollers into the conductor, and finally between the delivery and pressing rollers into the sliver can.

After the fibre has been thoroughly carded by the above machines, the cans containing the sliver from the finisher card are taken to the first drawing frame.

It is essential that the bobbin should have such a motion, because the delivery of the sliver and the speed of the flyer are constant for a given size of rove, whereas the layers of rove on the bobbin increase in length as the bobbin fills.

This lap is sometimes re-spread to make it more even, and at other times taken to a drawing machine which delivers in a sliver form.

The sliver from the can of the breaker card may be wound into balls, or it may be taken direct to the finisher card.