Sentence Examples with the word slit

The outer ends of the blades are slit (fig.

Not to speak of insects which feed upon the pitcher itself, some drop their eggs into the putrescent mass, where their larvae find abundant nourishment, while birds often slit open the pitchers with their beaks and devour the maggots in their turn.

The slit of the collimator confines the light to a nearly linear source, the beam diverging from each point of the source being subsequently made parallel by means of a lens.

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Next follows the operation of cleaning, in which the silk is simply reeled from one bobbin to another, but on its way it passes through a slit which is sufficiently wide to pass the filament but stops the motion when a thick lump or nib is presented.

On making a mesial vertical section of the uterus the cavity is seen as a mere slit which is bent about its middle to form an angle the opening of which is forward.

As the orifice is neared the slit becomes H-shaped.

If the slit is of 'constant width and we require the illumination at various points on the screen behind it, we must regard the arc of the curve as of constant length.

Shell conical; slit or hole in anterior part of mantle; two symmetrical ctenidia; no operculum.

In most Heteronemertines it is found to be an elongated slit with corrugated borders; in the Metanemertines it is smaller and rounded; in Malacobdella and Akrostomum it, moreover, serves for the extrusion of the proboscis, which emerges by a separate dorsal opening just inside the mouth.

The slit is narrowed down to the desired width, and moved as a whole by a micrometer screw, until it coincides with the cross-hair.