Sentence Examples with the word slim

The two girls in their white dresses, each with a rose in her black hair, both curtsied in the same way, but the hostess' eye involuntarily rested longer on the slim Natasha.

She put her head out into the damp night air, and the countess saw her slim neck shaking with sobs and throbbing against the window frame.

Felipa looked slim and feminine in a black riding outfit - which might explain all the men lined along the fence watching them.

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That slim chance you leave here becomes no chance.

Whatever Carmen wore, she looked slim and graceful - feminine.

The chances were slim that he would try it again, but Felipa needed to be forewarned.

He'd told her the chances were slim long ago, but she wasn't ready for him to admit defeat quite yet.

The chances are slim to none that a tornado will hit this cabin, as sheltered as it is by the hills.

The chances are slim that what you want will happen.

Their front legs, which grew just back of their heads, were also strong and big; but their bodies were smaller around than their heads, and dwindled away in a long line until their tails were slim as a shoe-string.