Sentence Examples with the word slider

A chain built up of three turning pairs and one sliding pair, and known as the slider crank chain, is shown in fig.

Examples, completely worked out, of velocity and acceleration diagrams for the slider crank chain, the four-bar chain, and the mechanism of the Joy valve gear will be found in ch.

Eight miles above Hamburg the stream divides into the Norder (or Hamburg) Elbe and the Slider (or Harburg) Elbe, which are linked together by several cross-channels, and embrace in their arms the large island of Wilhelmsburg and some smaller ones.

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Inversions of the slider crank chain.

Between Bunthaus and Ortkathen, just above the bifurcation of the Norder Elbe and the Slider Elbe.

Instead of adjusting in this manner the electromotive force of any form of cell, if we pass any constant current through a known resistance and bring wires from the extremities of that resistance into connexion with the slider and the galvanometer terminal, we can in the same way determine the fall of potential down the above resistance in terms of the electromotive force of the standard cell and thus measure the current flowing through the standard resistance.

One terminal of the galvanometer can then be shifted to the junction 6 7 g between any pair of consecutive coils and the slider shifted to any point on the potentiometer wire.

Foi example, there is a well-known mechanism corresponding to th fixing of three of the four links of the slider crank chain (fig.

The slider is also provided with scales, marked respectively Dicas and Clarke, which serve to show the readings which would have been obtained had the instruments of those makers been employed.

The slider upon the rule serves to adjust the scale for different temperatures, and then indicates the strength of the spirit in percentages over or under proof.