Sentence Examples with the word slide

The coins are placed in a rouleau in the hopper C and the lowest one is pushed on to the pan B by a slide not shown in the figure.

In dropping it dislodges the detent of the reducing slide, and the slide springs forward and reduces the flow of the sugar.

Counter-weighted false cover J of the furnace, so that the contents of the bucket slide down into the space between this false;cover and the true charging bell, K.

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It is then easily shown that the difference between the resistance of the coils A and B is equal to the resistance of the length of the slide wire intercepted between the two places at which the balance was found in the two observations.

Brandon hit the breaks, and the car started to slide sideways... directly into the path of the Mack truck.

The vast swells of the omnipotent sea; the surging, hollow roar they made, as they rolled along the eight gunwales, like gigantic bowls in a boundless bowling-green; the brief suspended agony of the boat, as it would tip for an instant on the knife-like edge of the sharper waves, that almost seemed threatening to cut it in two; the sudden profound dip into the watery glens and hollows; the keen spurrings and goadings to gain the top of the opposite hill; the headlong, sled-like slide down its other side;--all these, with the cries of the headsmen and harpooneers, and the shuddering gasps of the oarsmen, with the wondrous sight of the ivory Pequod bearing down upon her boats with outstretched sails, like a wild hen after her screaming brood;--all this was thrilling.

After lunch, photographer Brandon Westlake took the opportunity to show a montage of his recent shots, first on the parlor coffee table, and then, as the crowd increased, he presented a full-fledged slide show.

With a sickening sound, the bush ripped from the ground, allowing her to slide again.

In steeply inclined seams passes or shoots leading to the main level below are sometimes used, and in Belgium iron plates are sometimes laid in the excavated ground to form a slide for the coal down to the loading place.

He leaned over the seat and began rummaging through his backseat accumulation as the vehicle began to slide backwards.