Sentence Examples with the word slid

His hands left her face and slid down her shoulders and back in a gentle caress that ended on her waist.

The truck slid to a stop in the yard, spraying gravel and dust.

Bordeaux slid off to greet a withered old man.

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She blinked back a tear, but it escaped and slid down her cheek.

But upon flinging the third, in the act of tossing overboard the clumsy wooden block, it caught under one of the seats of the boat, and in an instant tore it out and carried it away, dropping the oarsman in the boat's bottom as the seat slid from under him.

It slinked down the hall and slid into the narrow space of the cracked door of the library.

It bounced off the wall and hit the floor, parts flying off as it slid across the hardwood floor.

She slid her feet into plain sandals provided by the convent along with her plain sweats and T-shirt.

His hand slid up to her elbow, and he drew her into him, until his warmth and scent enveloped her.

She slid it over her daughter's head, giggling when she saw how big it was.