Sentence Examples with the word slicing

His knife cut through her jumper, slicing into her skin.

In 1906 a refinery (with a daily slicing capacity of 1200 tons) was built at Billings, Yellowstone county.

Cynthia began slicing the potatoes in the pot.

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Two obeyed and moved forward, slicing his wrist for her again.

She gave a strangled cry as Dusty twisted out of reach, the sword slicing through the back of his shirt.

Pushing the plate aside so the food would cool, he began slicing the rest of the roast.

Such a slicer is capable of efficiently slicing 300,000 kilos of roots in twenty-four hours, the knives being changed four times in that period, or oftener if required, for it is necessary to change them the moment the slices show by their rough appearance that the knives are losing their cutting edges.

Microscopic sections of some of the more coherent clays and shales may be prepared by saturating them with Canada balsam by long boiling, and slicing the resultant mass in the same manner as one of the harder rocks.

A cuttingout knife, for slicing through textiles, began double-edged (26) in the 1st Dynasty, and went through many single-edged forms (27-29) until it died out in the XXth Dynasty (Man, 1901, 123).

The principal factory for the slicing of the beets is one built at Grand Island, Hall county, in 1890.