Sentence Examples with the word sliced

Rhyn planted a knee in Jade.s chest and sliced his gag free.

Overly aware of his intent scrutiny, Jessi tried to act normal as she pulled a paring knife free from the block of sleek knives and sliced through the lemon.

The tip of Claire's sword sliced Jenn's collarbone, freeing the necklace.

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At that time her actual working vocabulary in French was very small, but by using her judgment, as we laughingly called the mental process, she could guess at the meanings of the words and put the sense together much as a child puzzles out a sliced object.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity lost in his fury, a dagger sliced his forearm.

Working as fast as she could, she started a pot of coffee and sliced some ham.

He sliced her forearm with a knife, watching in satisfaction as it healed before his eyes.

As he helped her put the groceries away, he paused and turned to her, a carton of eggs in one hand and a package of sliced cheese in the other.

As she watched, he took a knife and sliced his wrist.

He sliced his wrist, and her attention turned immediately to thick liquid bubbling against his olive skin.