Sentence Examples with the word slept

It wasn't just because of her jealousy over the fact he slept with everyone, it was also her insecurity.

Annie and I slept there.

That night they slept under the stars - Bordeaux a respectable distance from her, but close enough to assist if anything went wrong in the night.

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Within it were found a temple of Amphiaraus, a large altar, and a long colonnade, which may have been the dormitory where the patients slept in hope of obtaining counsel in dreams. There were also baths and a small theatre, and numerous inscriptions relating to the arrangement and observances of the sanctuary and oracle.

He was different than the last deity she'd slept with.

Near the town is Workington Hall, a castellated structure retaining some of the ancient rooms, including that in which Mary, queen of Scots, is said to have slept when she escaped to England after the battle of Langside in May 1568.

If he threw out every woman he slept with, she'd have to save this option for a last resort, in case he fired her the morning after.

If only she hadn't slept with a complete stranger two nights ago.

He should view the temp onboard for a week as disposable, like the women he slept with.

Not that it's any of your business, but he slept in the barn and I slept in my room.