Sentence Examples with the word sleeveless

Sundays and holidays bring out a sleeveless jacket, embroidered in red and gold; and both sexes wear sheepskins in cold weather.

The chiton, xcrcww, was formed by sewing together at the sides two pieces of linen, or a double piece folded together, leaving spaces at the top for the arms and neck, and fastening the top edges together over the shoulders and upper arm with buttons or brooches; more rarely we find a plain sleeveless chiton.

It was either sleeveless (colobium) or sleeved (tunica manicata or manuleata), and originally fell about to the knee, but later on reached to the ankles (tunica talaris).

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The typical fighting costume of the Malay is a sleeveless jacket with texts from the Koran written upon it, short tight drawers reaching to the middle of the thigh, and the sarong is then bound tightly around the waist, leaving the hilt of the dagger worn in the girdle exposed to view.

She was stunning, in a deep wine-colored, sleeveless dress that was very simple, yet flattered every aspect of her figure.

She changed into a sleeveless blouse and shorts, wondering as she did so if he would object to the shorts.

Variation, such as it was, consisted of a sleeveless dress covering From Hilprecht's Explorations in Bible Lands, by permission of A.

The shepherds, rudely clad in a sleeveless sheepskin jacket, the wool outside, and leather breeches, and loosely wrapped in a woollen mantle or blanket, are among the most striking objects in a Spanish landscape, especially on the table-land.

Xc-reev, tunica), like its Greek counterpart, was apparently of two kinds, for, although essentially a simple and probably sleeveless garment, there was a special variety worn by royal maidens and men of distinction, explicitly described as a tunic of palms or soles (passim), that is, one presumably reaching to the hands and feet (Gen.

Country Parsis in villages wear a tight-fitting sleeveless bodice, and trousers of coloured cloth.