Sentence Examples with the word sleeve

Josh wiped his forehead with a sleeve and gazed down at her.

Evidently possessed by some idea, he stood over those who were singing, and solemnly and jerkily flourished above their heads his white arm with the sleeve turned up to the elbow, trying unnaturally to spread out his dirty fingers.

The sleeve of the pinion which carries M also carries the dial finger, and if the dial is properly graduated its finger will indicate the weight.

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The brushes are carried by sleeves which run loosely on the shaft, and to each sleeve is rigidly fixed a ratchet wheel.

He waited while she rolled up her sleeve in excitement, then displayed the blood-red tattoo there.

And I've had a bit cut off, you see... he went on with a smile, pointing to the empty sleeve of his dressing gown.

She clutched his sleeve as he turned away.

Mayer pushed up his sleeve and scratched a bony elbow before continuing.

He lifted a sleeve and consulted his watch.

Taran complied and rolled up his sleeve to display his bandaged forearm.