Sentence Examples with the word sleeping bag

For an extra few Euros, the hostel manager gave her a clean though worn sleeping bag that matched the clean but worn bunk beds in the women's section.

However, no sooner had he entered the tent, stripped, and crawled into his sleeping bag than his exhausted body began to drift to another world.

The sleeping bag was warm and cozy, but sleep didn't come easily.

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But never, never, never in his entire life had David Dean felt less like crawling out of his sleeping bag and mounting his bicycle than on the misty Colorado morning of June fifteenth.

Katie returned, tossing the sleeping bag and a small shaving bag filled with basics on one bunk.

She lifted the edge of the sleeping bag to demonstrate that there wasn't room for two people in it.

Dean had purchased a small tent and sleeping bag for the Iowa trip, both items light enough to be hauled on his bike.