Sentence Examples with the word sleeping

The universal custom of sleeping on the house-top in summer promotes rheumatic and neuralgic affections; and in the Koh Daman of Kabul, which the natives regard as having the finest of climates, the mortality from fever and bowel complaint, between July and October, is great, the immoderate use of fruit predisposing to such ailments.

I have extra because it's a warm night and lots of my regulars like sleeping in the park.

It was confidently believed towards the close of the 10th century that he had made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem; and, like many other great rulers, it was reported that he was only sleeping to awake in the hour of his country's need.

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The massive shepherd mix dog sleeping on her couch rose and trotted across the small apartment to her.

In the United Kingdom, as in Europe generally, the vehicles used on passenger trains include firstclass carriages, second-class carriages, third-class carriages, composite carriages containing compartments for two or more classes of passengers, dining or restaurant carriages, sleeping carriages, mail carriages or travelling post offices, luggage brake vans, horse-boxes and carriage-trucks.

We learned later, at first the police were suspicious of the parents as they couldn't believe someone could enter a small house with sleeping adults and two boys in an adjoining room, and not be heard.

It was sensual, dark and cool: black walls and obsidian wood flooring covered by jewel-toned rugs, mahogany California King bed with the finest maroon silk sheets and a dark gray comforter so soft, it was like sleeping in a cloud.

Fred began to open the bag containing the tent while Dean untied the sleeping bag.

She hurried to Toby and lifted the sleeping angel carefully before she and Lankha left.

She lifted the edge of the sleeping bag to demonstrate that there wasn't room for two people in it.