Sentence Examples with the word slave trade

With the establishment of a British protectorate at Zanzibar, and of British and German protectorates on the mainland of East Africa and in the region of the head-waters of the Nile, the East African slave trade received its death-blow.

Gordon (1874 to 1879), but under the Mandi and the Khalifa the slave trade was revived.

Va.), where he served an apprenticeship to a saddler, and where - Wheeling being an important headquarters of the inter-State slave trade - he first became deeply impressed with the iniquity of the institution of slavery, and determined to devote his life to the cause of abolition.

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In the days of the colonial slave trade its African centre was the region about the mouths of the rivers Calabar and Bonny, whither the captive negroes were brought from great distances Africa.

English traders were established on Bance and the Banana islands as long as the slave trade was legal.

Did much to suppress infanticide, suttee and the slave trade in his state.

These were recent events in the time of Joash, and in like manner the Phoenician slave trade in Jewish children is carried back to an early date by the reference in Amos i.

In 1792 John Clarkson, a lieutenant in the British navy and brother to Thomas Clarkson the slave trade abolitionist, brought to the colony 110o negroes from Nova Scotia.

But in 1806, Lord Grenville and Fox having come into power, a bill was passed in both Houses to put an end to the British slave trade for foreign supply, and to forbid the importation of slaves into the colonies won by the British arms in the course of the war.

To smooth the way for the retreat of the Egyptian garrisons and civilians he issued proclamations announcing that the suppression of the slave trade was abandoned, that the Mandi was sultan of Kordofan, and that the Sudan was independent of Egypt.