Sentence Examples with the word slaty

The colour is a slaty black; the hide is immensely thick, with scanty hairs.

Lichens for the herbarium should, whenever possible, be sought for on a slaty or laminated rock, so as to procure them on flat thin pieces of the same, suitable for mounting.

It occurs crystallized, commonly in cubes, in schistose and slaty rocks, and less abundantly in the younger sedimentary deposits.

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All across Ireland, from the Ballyhoura Hills on the Cork border to the southern shore of Belfast Lough, slaty and sandy Silurian beds appear in the axes of the anticlinal folds, surrounded by Old Red Sandstone scarps or Carboniferous Limestone lowlands.

They are at a depth of about 12 ft., in slaty shale containing Llandeilo fossils and contemporaneous felspathic ash and scoriae.

Although called blue, the colour is a slaty or drab tone.

Buffaloes of an uncouth appearance and of a dark slaty color, strikingly contrasting with the neat cattle, abound in Egypt.

In a second phase of the species, the colour, which often displays a slaty hue (whence the name of blue fox), remains more or less the same throughout the year, the winter coat being, however, recognizable by the great length of the fur.

From the name schistos, and the mode of formation, there can be little doubt that this species was the salt which forms spontaneously on certain slaty minerals, as alum slate and bituminous shale, and which consists chiefly of the sulphates of iron and aluminium.

The origin of slaty cleavage is in some measure obscure.