Sentence Examples with the word slashed

He drew a dagger and slashed their arms free.

His sword slashed downward at her.

A few minutes later, Rhyn went down under Gabriel.s blow, rolled, then bounded up, but not before Darkyn slashed his side.

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His first few blows were deflected, but the third slashed Sasha.s arm.

A piece of the broken door slashed her as she fell, and she scrambled away as the maid slashed at her again.

She chopped at his hand with one dagger, slamming the sword into the ground as she whirled and slashed his neck with her other hand.

With a wince, she stepped straight into the sword of the smallest guardsman then slashed his throat.

She eluded one man and slashed at another with a dagger before sprinting toward the field.

Here also are polished stalagmites, a rich buff slashed with white, and others, like huge mushrooms, with a velvety coat of red, purple or olive-tinted crystals.

Wind and rain slashed at her as she reached the kitchen doorway and she hurried into the house.