Sentence Examples with the word slang

ESL students are often confused by slang expressions that do not appear in an English dictionary.

American English is taught in schools and American slang is practiced in bars everywhere.

Kiera sought an explanation, recalling he was not familiar with most slang despite his mastery of English.

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It is thus used of the fixtures, machinery, apparatus necessary for the carrying on of an in.dustry or business, and in colloquial or slang use, of a swindle, a carefully arranged plot or trap laid or fixed to deceive; cf.

CARPET-BAGGER, a political slang term for a person who stands as a candidate for election in a locality in which he is a stranger.

At the blank look, she assumed the translator didn't pick up her slang and rephrased.

The definition of a slang word can be looked up in a slang dictionary.