Sentence Examples with the word slacks

Dean swore to himself and fumbled for a pair of slacks and his raincoat, whacking his shin on the bed in the process.

Carmen dressed in the nicest slacks that she owned and was relieved to discover that Alex and Katie were both dressed casually.

Hannah.s boots were white, her cream slacks and camel turtleneck completing her flawless look.

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The man, dressed in slacks and sport shirt, was entering the newly renovated Beaumont Hotel.

She showered and dressed in dusty blue slacks and a lacy tunic.

The walls were lined with blouses, formal wear, business wear, jackets, and other kinds of clothing, while displays of knit shirts, sweaters, jeans, and slacks spanned out before her.

Handsome and lean, he wore slacks and a collared shirt left open at the neck with the long sleeve meticulously rolled in a faux casual style.