Sentence Examples with the word sky

The moon is full, the sky full of stars.

It was perhaps only a restricted aristocracy who could aspire to such high honor: the ikh, or glorified being, who has his place in the sky seems often to hold an intermediate position between the gods and the rank and file of the dead.

Southern sky left blank of stellar emblazonments was necessarily centred on the pole; and since the pole shifts among the stars through the effects of precession by a known annual amount, the ascertainment of any former place for it virtually fixes the epoch.

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Only when the moon was halfway across the sky did he rouse himself.

The strong, unstaggering breeze abounded so, that sky and air seemed vast outbellying sails; the whole world boomed before the wind.

It was nighttime on this side of the world, and the sky was clear.

She rubbed her head and glared at him, watching as he followed his father in the direction where both sky and sea darkened into blackness.

What was supposed to be sunshine, mild temperature and puffy white clouds turned out to be intermittent showers and a sky as gray as Dean's sweat socks.

The sky and the horizon were both the color of muddy water.

The evening sky that had been so clear was clouded with smoke, through which, high up, the sickle of the new moon shone strangely.