Sentence Examples with the word skirting

Boulogne occupies the summit and slopes of a ridge of hills skirting the right bank of the Liane; the industrial quarter of Capecure extends along the opposite bank, and is reached by two bridges, while the river is also crossed by a double railway viaduct.

From the Raadhus-plads the Vesterbro Gade runs towards the western quarter of the city, skirting the Tivoli.

To the north-west of the town are the Allees Marines, fine promenades which border the Adour for a mile and a quarter, and the Allees Paulmy, skirting the fortifications.

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I filled him in on the details; skirting the reason Merrill Cooms didn't report the break-in to the police.

Rising in the Tibetan plateau, far to the north of the Himalayas, and skirting round their eastern passes not far from the Yang-tsze-kiang and the great river of Cambodia, it enters Assam by a series of waterfalls and rapids, amid vast boulders and accumulations of rocks.

Sfax was formerly the starting-point of a caravan route to Central Africa, but its inland trade now extends only to the phosphate region beyond Gafsa, reached by a railway which, after skirting the coast southwards from Sfax to Mahares, runs inland past Gafsa.

The second and marine type of the Jurassics occurs in Western Australia, on the coastal plain skirting the western foot of the western plateau.

They spent the evening in their private quarters mulling over the possibilities and skirting the question that Lydia had actually killed her boss, which in spite of mounting concern, Dean continued to find unlikely.

The leased area comprises, besides the harbour and island, a belt of the mainland, io English miles wide, skirting the whole length of the bay.

After skirting the town of Morteau, below which it expands into the picturesque lake of Chaillexon and descends over the Falls of the Doubs (88 ft.