Sentence Examples with the word skirt

Dean poured the coffee while Cynthia Byrne rubbed her hands on her skirt as if to smooth out the nervous quiver she couldn't seem to shake.

The yellow skirt of her sundress was molded to the soft curves one side of her body by a breeze.

In place of the belted kilt of the men we find a belted panier or polonaise, considerably elongated in front, worn by Aegean women; and Mackenzie shows that this was repeated several times until it formed the compound skirt with a number of flounces which is represented on many Mycenaean gems. On a fresco discovered at Phaestus (Hagia Triada) (fig.

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The former is watered by the Kashaf-rud (Tortoise River), or river of Meshed, flowing east to the Hari-rud, their junction forming the Tejen, which sweeps round the Daman-i-Kuh, or northern skirt of the outer range, towards the Caspian but loses itself in the desert long before reaching it.

Carmen swirled around, enjoying the feel of the skirt as she eyed her image in the mirror.

When she completed her task, she stepped up on the velvet chair, after modestly lifting her skirt ever so slightly.

After a quick stop at a clothier to pick up a long wool skirt and sweater, she changed in her car and drove home.

The characteristic skirt is sometimes supplemented by a coarse cloth, perhaps a fleece, thrown over the J, shoulders; and in later times it is seen fastened outside a tunic by means of a girdle (see fig.

The off-the-shoulder style with its white lace made the most of her newly acquired tan, and the shiny black belt and full skirt made her waist look small.

Southern Albania, again, is almost wholly mountainous, with the exception of the plains of Iannina and Arta; the most noteworthy feature is the rugged range of the Tchika, or Khimara mountains, which skirt the sea-coast from south-west to northeast, terminating in the lofty promontory of Glossa (ancient Acroceraunia).