Sentence Examples with the word ski

Fred understood this and volunteered to ski with Donnie while the others took a couple of runs from the higher elevations.

That's before the ski area kicked up all the prices, Harold said, and then added.

Dean found the deep powder beyond his limited abilities and Donald Ryland seemed content to stay with him and ski the packed trails, sometimes cutting off to test the moguls and deeper snow at the trail's edge.

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He was able to ski from the summit, but only on those slopes and trails designated blue or green, novice or intermediate.

Dean searched for his wife but didn't spot Cynthia's colorful ski jacket among the pockets of viewers.

He wore jeans, a ski sweater and an opened, fur collared jacket.

As the group pulled into the parking lot at Mountain Village, the upper portion of the ski area, Donnie began to look nervous for the first time.

I remembered passing through the small city on ski trips to Vermont during my college years.

She emerged from the bathroom in flashy purple ski pants, a matching wool sweater.

I don't think it would be fashionable if I wore a ski mask.