Sentence Examples with the word sixty-six

The acceleration of the departure of the Japanese is shown by the fact that in the eighteen months (July 1904 to January 1906) occurred 19,114 of the 42,313 departures in the sixty-six months from July 1900 to January 1906.1 After 1906, owing to restrictions by the Japanese government, immigration to Hawaii greatly decreased.

If I remember rightly, we were sixty-six years old the day before yesterday.

Dorothy thought, if it had taken them sixty-six years to grow to this size, that it would be fully a hundred years more before they could hope to call themselves dragons, and that seemed like a good while to wait to grow up.

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A shilling is token money merely, it is nominally in value the one-twentieth of a pound, but one troy pound of silver is coined into sixty-six shillings, the standard weight of each shilling being 87.27 grains.

Telluride's sixty-six trails, spread over more than a thousand acres, were an awesome change from the crowded slopes Dean had skied in the East in years gone by.

Every one suspected him of aiming at a dictatorship; attacks, not the less formidable for their injustice, were directed against him from all sides, and his cabinet fell on the 26th of January 1882, after an existence of only sixty-six days.

His poem is rather lyrical than narrative, which may account for some obscurities in the connexion of thought; but his alphabetic scheme proves that he designed twenty-two stanzas, not sixty-six detached couplets.

The French, the spy reported, having crossed the Vienna bridge, were advancing by forced marches toward Znaim, which lay sixty-six miles off on the line of Kutuzov's retreat.

Of the eighty-two letters in the present collection, sixty-six were written by Cyprian.

Special reversible paddle steamers (called doubleenders) were designed for service in the inlets and estuaries, and sixty-six ironclads were built and employed during the four years.