Sentence Examples with the word sixty-fourth

In Chinese history we are told how, in the sixty-fourth year of the reign of Hwang-ti (2634 B.C.), the emperor Hivan-yuan, or Hwang-ti, attacked one Tchi-yeou, on the plains of Tchou-lou, and finding his army embarrassed by a thick fog raised by the enemy, constructed a chariot (Tchi-nan) for indicating the south, so as to distinguish the four cardinal points, and was thus enabled to pursue Tchi-yeou, and take him prisoner.

Nizami died at Ganja in his sixty-fourth year, 599 A.H.

Bela died on the 3rd of May 1270 in his sixty-fourth year.

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Although in his sixty-fourth year, he undertook to observe the moon through an entire revolution of her nodes (eighteen years), and actually carried out his purpose.

Abbott; and Sixty-fourth Report of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Massachusetts (1906).