Sentence Examples with the word sixty-four

By the adoption of this system in one large plantation in the West Indies, crushing upwards of 1200 tons of canes per day, the labour of sixty-four hands was dispensed with, and was thus made available for employment in the fields.

On the 2nd of February 1831 he was, after sixty-four days' conclave, unexpectedly chosen to succeed Pius VIII.

Lindo, Jewish Calendar for Sixty-four Years (1838); W.

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Of Perotti (1430-1480), archbishop of Siponto, containing sixty-four fables of Phaedrus, of which some thirty were new.

The country is divided into four governmental departments (Kreise) and subdivided into sixty-four divisions (Oberamtsbezirke), each of which is under a headman (Oberamtrnann) assisted by a local council (Amtsversasnmlung).

There are sixty-four barrios or villages in the town, but only one of these had in 1903 more than loon inhabitants.

That was the sixty-four dollar question.

In the same year sixty-four settlers arrived at Carlisle Bay and the present capital was founded.