Sentence Examples with the word sitter

She was the maid, the baby sitter - nothing else in his eyes.

You will need a sitter for the party anyway.

Listen, I got a summer job in the Mountains as a sitter and it includes room and board.

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His remark about how she looked in the swimsuit made it obvious that he saw her as something more than a baby sitter or maid.

Nowadays they cart them off to some baby sitter they hardly know, just to get the kids out of their hair.

It's our home and you're more than a sitter or maid to all of us.

In this lady he had found a sitter whose face and smile possessed in a singular degree the haunting, enigmatic charm in which he delighted.

In painting there is the famous portrait of Hieronymus Holtzschuher at Berlin, in which the personality and general aspect of the sitter assert themselves with surprising power.

He hired me as a sitter and maid.