Sentence Examples with the word siren

He has observed that in young specimens of Siren lacertina (the larva is still unknown) the gills are rudimentary and functionless, and that it is only in large adult specimens that they are fully developed in structure and function; he therefore concludes that the sirens are the descendants of a terrestrial type of batrachians, which passed through a metamorphosis like the other members of their class, but that more recently they have adopted a permanently aquatic life, and have resumed their branchiae by reversion.

We raced from town at white knuckle speed, siren screaming while Dick received updates on his radio.

Just before the accident, I heard a siren and then saw a white car speeding down the mountain.

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Or Axolotl of Mexico were brought to him by Humboldt in the beginning of the 10th century, that these Batrachians were not really related to the Perennibranchiates, such as Siren and Proteus, with which he was well acquainted, but represented the larval form of some air-breathing salamander.

Cope has first shown, the siren must be regarded as a degenerate rather than a primitive type.

He examined the opacity of the air for sound in connexion with lighthouse and siren work, and he finally clinched the proof of what had been already substantially demonstrated by several others, viz.

Dove (1803-1879)1879) produced a modification of the siren by which the relations of different musical notes may be more Dove's readily ascertained.

The only sound he remembered was ambulance siren on its long journey to the Montrose hospital.

Even so, he knew Tim was as vulnerable as any man to the siren song of absolute power.

He told of hearing a siren just before the accident and seeing what he thought to be a sheriff's car.