Sentence Examples with the word sir

Along with Sir John Herschel and George Peacock he laboured to raise the standard of mathematical instruction in England, and especially endeavoured to supersede the Newtonian by the Leibnitzian notation in the infinitesimal calculus.

This contains the fifth edition of Sir James Prior's life; also an edition in twelve volumes, octavo, published by J.

In 1863 Sir Richard Burton, then British consul at Fernando Po, went to Benin to try and put a stop to human sacrifices, an attempt in which he did not succeed.

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These were referred to the arbitration of Queen Victoria, and, after a careful survey under the direction of Sir Thomas H.

In the same year, Holland having fallen under the revolutionary government of France, a British force under General Sir James Craig was sent to Cape Town to secure the colony for the prince of Orange - a refugee in England - against the French.

Drummond Wolff, Mr (afterwards Sir John) Gorst, Mr Percy Mitford, Colonel Fred Burnaby and some others, to whom were subsequently added Mr Satchell Hopkins, Mr J.

Three years later he married (21st of December 1546) Mildred, daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke, who was ranked by Ascham with Lady Jane Grey as one of the two most learned ladies in the kingdom, and whose sister, Anne, became the wife of Sir Nicholas, and the mother of Sir Francis, Bacon.

This barony had been bestowed in 1603 upon Sir Robert Spencer (d.

N.W., was the birthplace of Sir Charles Lyell the geologist; and Cortachy castle, a fine mansion in the Scottish Baronial style, about 4 m.

Butler, Life of Sir George Pomeroy Colley (1899), and the British Blue Books C. 2783, C. 2837, C. 2966 and C. 2950 of 1881.