Sentence Examples with the word sinking

The interest on bonds amortized was to be added to the funds available for sinking fund.

Fresh water, rising and falling with the tide, is found in certain large caverns in Lifu, and by sinking to the sea-level a supply may be obtained in any part of the island.

On the fifteenth, when young Rostov, in his dressing gown, looked out of the window, he saw it was an unsurpassable morning for hunting: it was as if the sky were melting and sinking to the earth without any wind.

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Dread sinking into her stomach, Jessi obeyed, the other thugs trailing her.

The funded debt of the state amounted to four and one-half millions of dollars in 1850, when the new constitution limited the power of the legislature to contract further obligations or to decrease or misapply the sinking funds.

It was of Darkyn's fangs sinking into the delicate skin of her neck.

During the year 1827 the public debt was consolidated, and a department was created for the application of a sinking fund.

In acute mania it acts like hyoscyamine in producing sleep. In large doses stramonium is a narcotic poison producing the wellmarked stages of exaltation of function, diminution of functional activity, and later loss of function, sinking into coma and paralysis.

Soon, while the crews were awaiting the arrival of the ship, the body showed symptoms of sinking with all its treasures unrifled.

The evidence therefore of these bores (3 and 4) indicates some material derangement, which is then proved by other bores, either towards the dip or the outcrop, according to the judgment of the borer, so as to ascertain the best position for sinking pits.