Sentence Examples with the word singularly

Stitution of the Confederation and drawing the German states closer together on a Liberal basis; the moment seemed singularly inopportune for Prussia, which had not shown herself particularly zealous for the common interests, to menace the other German governments by increasing her separate armaments.

The great ruins, among the most notable in Asia Minor, have been re-occupied by some 200 families of Cretan Moslems. They cover a large promontory, fenced from the mainland by a ditch and wall which has been repaired in medieval times and is singularly perfect.

The earlier conception of Varuna is singularly similar to that of Ahuramazda of the Avesta.

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He was singularly fitted for intellectual debate, but his devotional tendency was equally strong with his logical aptitude.

Modern research seems to show that living protoplasm, wherever it exists, is subject to certain laws and manifests itself by certain phenomena, and that there is no hard and fast line between what prevails in the two kingdoms. So it is with the diseased conditions to which it is a prey: there is a wonderful community of design, if the term may be used in such a sense, between the diseases of animals and plants, which becomes singularly striking and instructive the more they are inquired into.

All accounts agree that he was of great stature and singularly handsome, and that this helped him not a little in his evangelistic work.

She was sighted, pursued and overpowered, after a singularly gallant resistance.

Supreme as an organizer, he seems also to have had a singularly attractive personality, which won him the friendship even of the pirates and bravos with whom he was forced to consort.

His work shows many signs of haste, but he more than compensates for this by the way in which he thus preserves a singularly interesting memorial of the and century.

He was singularly unfortunate even when he gave in, delaying his acquiescence until it had the air of a surrender.