Sentence Examples with the word simply

It may simply be said that the general tendency was on the one hand toward the elaboration and growing magnificence of the services, especially after the Church had become a state institution and had taken the place of the older pagan cults, and on the other hand toward the increasing solemnity and mystery of certain parts, particularly the eucharist, the sacred character of which was such as to make it sacrilegious to admit to it the unholy, that is, outsiders or Christians under discipline (cf.

It simply happened that they were attracted to each other.

Oh no, she is simply enchanting, and that is all.

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The attempts made by her and her husband to avert this curse simply led to its accomplishment.

The sophists have other claims to consideration than their service to the development of logic. In the history of the origins of logic the sophistic age is simply the age of the free play of thought in which men were aware that in a sense anything can be debated and not yet aware of the sense in which all things cannot be so.

She preferred her studio at Fairhaven, and did most of her artwork there; it simply could not fit all her work.

The furniture and accessories of the chamber, very simply conceived, have been rendered with scrupulous exactness and distinctness; yet they leave to the human and dramatic elements the absolute mastery of the scene.

I'm not opposed to technology, I simply enjoy the work.

The districts between Neustria and Austrasia were called Media Francia or simply Francia.

The atomic theory can picture the change from the binary to the ternary compound simply as the addition of one or more atoms of the third element to the previously existing molecule; in such a case the combining ratio of the first two elements should be absolutely the same in both compounds.